The core of the farm.

The flour gives added value to our organic wheat, cultivated with passion. Very important for its taste is the stone grinding in an antique local mill.


Valbindola Flour

Valbindola flour is born in an environment rich in biodiversity: this allows to strengthen the stability of ecosystems and their ecological functions. On the contrary, monoculture reduces the genetic heritage of species and groups of organisms, decreasing the efficiency of entire communities.

The harvested grain is stored for 10 months inside big bags. he innovative warehouse is refreshed and uses carbon dioxide to store the raw materials. We grind the flour on request, to preserve its flavour and freshness.


We produce three different kinds of flour, depending on the type of wheat.



It is the “Molly” variety, one of the first cultivated cereals. Its caryopsis is covered so it must be decorticated. This plant is resilient and it also adapts to less fertile soils. Its flavour brings us back into the past.



The local soft wheat. Heritage of the Tramazzo valley, this wheat is preserved in the hands of local farmers, who have formed the Hesiodos consortium. An excellent grain with a very low W index, that makes it perfect to knead piadinas.



Local variety of soft wheat. Written records mentioned this crop in the valley since 1700. It is a very mineral grain, excellent for savoury baked goods and breadsticks.

The Process

Our flour is stone ground by the mill we collaborate with and is checked periodically in respect to the sanitary regulations, but also to have a uniform product in humidity and granulometry.



The ‘piada’ is a typical product of Romagna. It was considered the female symbol of the woman who comes out of the house to prepare this street food on the Romagna coast for tourists. This unleavened product was defined by the writer Pascoli as “the bread of work”. In the intense flavour of the flour you will be able to recognize the flavour of chestnuts, toasted pine nuts and grandma’s cookies.

We want to show you how simple it is to knead our flour for your piadinas.


Our flour is perfect to knead piadinas. Amaze your guests with this recipe (3 piadinas):

130 gr. flour
60 gr. water
10 gr. extra virgin olive oil
2,5 gr. baking soda
2,5 gr. salt.

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In a bowl, add the salt and baking soda to the water and let it dissolve. Then add the oil, you need to make sure that it is correctly stirred in the water. Finally add the flour and mix it until the mixture is homogeneous.

The dough must rest in the fridge for 30 minutes, so that the flavours are balanced, and the dough becomes smooth. A little tip for you: The dough can be used immediately, without resting into the fridge. Roll the dough out like a circle with a rolling pin and place it on top of the pan. To cook the piadina: heat a pan (or a testo) on high heat. Wait for each side to turn into golden: your piadina is ready.


Valbindola is a young organic farm. Our flour speaks about us.

Where we are

We are located among chestnut, oak, beech woods and green hills crossed by brooks, or to be more precise inVia Rocchigiana 27 – 47019 Tredozio (FC)

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