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Why organic production?

Organic farming is the certified production of food, obtained through agricultural processes that respect the environment and animals and create new opportunities for the rural community.

Healthy agricultural practices

The land needs to be cultivated according to nature, we live in contact with the woods, with which we constantly exchange biodiversity: insects, birds, amphibians, mammals; various herbs that bring essences from the Apennines, in a symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. The quality of a product begins with the quality of the soil, air and water. Organic farming makes it possible to leave a healthy soil, capable of subtracting carbon

from the atmosphere.
In fact, healthy soil stores carbon by subtracting it from the atmosphere. The first 15 centimeters are called soil, they are a real gift of nature to our planet. If from these 15 centimeters you try with a spoon to take a soil sample you will find more organisms than stars in the sky; it is here that the soil makes death and life two sides of the same coin.

Love for the planet

We believe that organic farming can help stop climate change before it’s too late. For us organic is not just a cultivation, but a lifestyle and a sharing.

The tillage is minimal thanks to special tools that reduce plowing, avoiding the oxidation of organic matter and the loss of fertility. We don’t hurt the ground. Valbindola cultivates without using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, zero genetically modified organisms.

At the base of production, agricultural rotations between cereal, legume and cover crops are respected. In fact, in addition to primary crops, cover crops make it possible to increase the organic substance in the soil by sequestering carbon in the soil and reducing erosion. This effect in the Apennines allows to reduce the loss of fertility and above all avoids dangerous landslides in the ground.

From a peasant story

Valbindola has always been the center of peasant life, each house hosted stories and traditions in common. An important memory of the 80s of the twentieth century when Amedo together with his daughter Maria Grazia went to visit the house in Lame where the family who followed the land lived, the memory of the constant dedication in the preparation of fresh egg pasta and wraps on hot texts inside the kitchen / living room. The house was, and is, structured on two floors, on the first floor the living room and bedrooms while on the ground floor the barn that housed the cows. Lame’s family says that when they were young, in addition to following the fields in the afternoon, every morning at 5 he woke up to go to school waiting for the school bus that passed over Lame, where the road was paved. Along the 15-minute walk he was always accompanied by his favorite cow, once he got on the bus he went back to graze in the plain below Lame together with the other dairy cows.


Valbindola is An organic farm. Our flour speaks about us.

Where we are

We are located among chestnut, oak, beech woods and green hills crossed by brooks, or to be more precise inVia Rocchigiana 27 – 47019 Tredozio (FC)

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