The sowing ground is holy:

it must be respected as the nature nearby.
Valbindola grounds are rich with humble stories and forgotten rustic tales.
The ruined houses tell quietly their past.


Our fields are surrounded by our woods, which allow us to store the products inside the property and preserve the environment. The woods are home to local birds and wild animals such as deer, roe deer, wild boar and hares.

The farm is surrounded by loamy and clayey soils, typical of the Apennine arc. The higher fields have less organic matter, therefore, in order to maintain a constant production, long cycles are carried out with alfalfa meadows. These make the soil fertile and welcoming for the following years.

Our fields are located at an altitude between 600 and 650 meters: the climate is cool all year round and pleasantly warm in summer. The summer breeze allows the wheat to ripen constantly without phytopathological problems.

The farm has not only woods and cultivated plots, but it shows signs of the past, as it was run bygenerations of farmers. In fact, several families lived on the property in harmony with nature. Nowadays it is possible to see the ruins full of past, present and future dreams. The ancient stone houses that watch over the fields are:

Mulani di Sotto


The farm produces different varieties of cereals:




We also produce different kinds of legumes for the correct crop rotation:


Protein beans

Broad bean

Our fields

We cultivate different kinds of cereals in our organic fields, defined as “evolutionary populations”. Their aim is to get resistant varieties to the climate changes, that could be re-sowed and that guaranteed specific organoleptic qualities.

These are populations in balance with the environment and with the parasites, genetically dynamic, as being accurately selected by the farmer. Gentiltramazzo is our evolutionary population. Gentiltramazzo is our evolutionary population.

Chestnut groves

Tredozio has always been known for its chestnut groves among the cultivated fields. In 1947, Giorgia Valensin describes the village as “il sollievo datogli dalla calma dei castagni e dalla bellezza della montagna (the relief given to him by the calm of the chestnut trees and the beauty of the mountain)”, which refers to the relax created by the chestnut groves and the beauty of the hills. They are not born by chance, but they require optimal soil and humidity conditions.


Valbindola is a young organic farm. Our flour speaks about us.

Where we are

We are located among chestnut, oak, beech woods and green hills crossed by brooks, or to be more precise inVia Rocchigiana 27 – 47019 Tredozio (FC)

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