Our flour speaks about us.

We want to spread awareness about the history, the people, the animals, the hundreds of our trees, the passion of our work with our flour of the Tramazzo Valley.

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Agricultural supply chain

We aim to create a strong and local innovative agricultural supply chain. We give great importance to the biodiversity of seeds and their characteristics, thanks to the stone grinding. We are working to unite young energy in order to create a supply chain based on raw materials which could help the local economy.

Francesco Saverio

Valbindola is an organic farm run by the Grazzi-Mazzi family. The owner as the young Francesco, who has graduated at the University of Agricultural Sciences of Bologna, aims to develop innovative agricultural techniques, always respecting the local biodiversity.

Valbindola aims to give value to the local economy of Tredozio and its surroundings, to let people taste the quality of the marginal fields.

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Our work

We carefully study and define the features of each area to choose the best organic productions, reducing the impact on the fertility of each cultivated clump.
In a particularly suitable terroir for cereals, we periodically sow our wheat in a crop rotation with different crops(alfalfa, clover, field bean, pea, chickpea). These crops let us have, in addition to the wheat, further products suitable for the Mediterranean diet.


We personally check each field, crossing paths and trails. We observe and study the presence of insects and plant health. From sowing to harvesting, we follow the growth of the various species  vegetali and their morphology. 


Valbindola is a young organic farm. Our flour speaks about us.

Where we are

We are located among chestnut, oak, beech woods and green hills crossed by brooks, or to be more precise inVia Rocchigiana 27 – 47019 Tredozio (FC)

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